Snow Report St Gervais 21st April 2018

St Gervais snow report 21/04/2018

And this is how the final week of the fantastic 2017/18 Evasion Mont Blanc season turned out!

 season 2018
15th April 2018 Slightly foehn conditions for the last day of the St Gervais season

 season 2018
15th April 2018 St Gervais closes with still a huge amount of snow on the mountain

 season 2018
18th April 2018 Hân enjoys wall to wall sunshine for the last days of the Evasion Mont Blanc season

 season 2018
20th April 2018 A huge depth of snow and sudden warmth makes the off piste very liable to avalanche

 season 2018
20th April 2018 Still lots of snow on the mountain but it is spring in the valley

And so ends the most remarkable skiing season that we have seen in our 17 winters in St Gervais. We have had tons of snow, including really good early season powder, lots of rain very high on the mountain, an extremely cold period with temperatures down to -20°C, incessant wind including the ice-cold 'Bise' and the warmer Foehn, and some of the best, consistently excellent, snow conditions that it has been our pleasure to ever ski. The only thing lacking has been sunshine, (although this is hardly surprising with the amount of snow we have had). However the very last week of the season has somewhat made up for that with wall to wall sunshine, which, ironically, with the high night time temperatures, has given us nothing like as good spring snow conditions as last year.

So now it is time to turn our attention to the spring and summer, for walking and hiking, mountain biking, paragliding, climbing, rafting, or simply to relax and enjoy the fantastic local vistas of the mountains in summertime.

Hope to see you soon!

Jeremy & Marie

ps I will soon be putting up a gallery of photographs from this last season, so keep your eye on our front page!

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