Snow Report St Gervais 14th April 2018

St Gervais snow report 14/04/2018

Last week began by giving a mixture of sunshine and foehn-driven clouds, which generally gave good skiing conditions for anyway the morning. It was cold for the season on the lifts but warm out of the wind.

 season 2018
11th April 2018 Incredibly strong gusts of wind kick up spindrift and make skiing uncomfortable

 season 2018
12th April 2018 Still incredibly strong foehn wind

 season 2018
13th April 2018 At last the wind abates, the night is cold and then the sun appears

 season 2018
13th April 2018 Really good spring snow conditions!

 season 2018
14th April A much warmer day after a warm night and most of the off piste turns to porridge by early afternoon

The coming week is the last week of the season for the Evasion Mont Blanc domaine. But the spring snow conditions should be excellent, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday when the cooler bise wind will be blowing. Overall the next six days should give plenty of sunshine with just a risk of late afternoon showers under the burgeoning cumulus clouds.

If you are lucky enough to be in the Alps this week, then enjoy what should turn out to be an excellent few days of skiing, a fitting end to this most extraordinary of seasons!


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