What else is there to do?


Actually, no end of activities and sightseeing! Le Parc du Merlet, a 25 hectare animal park, offers spectacular views and all the animals you normally find on the mountain, (if you haven't already seen them on your walks!). From the big-horned Ibex to the shy Chamois and rare Mouflon, this park is a must for children and adults alike.

Summer Taboggan: Adults just have to show the children how its done! We have two double pistes in the vicinity, at Mègeve and Chamonix.

Or treat yourself to a flight around Mont Blanc in a small aircraft or a helicopter. Use us as a base for the ultimate climb in Europe, get to the top!

Of course, for those of you who hate the idea of physical exertion, there is a huge amount of local sight seeing to do, including taking the lift up the Aiguille du Midi, at 3800 metres, the highest lift in Europe. Or you can simply spend the day lapping up the sun and the scenery by the beautiful open air swimming pool in St Gervais!

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