Come and experience a tandem paragliding flight either in winter or summer. Your first ride on the wind is a totally unforgettable experience. Our local Paragliding school, A2L Parapente, is run by Sam Sperber, who not only has well over 15000 flights under his sail, but was also winner of the tandem Coupe de France 2008. He is ably assisted by amongst others, Patrick and Jacques, both of whom have been practicing this sport almost since it's inception . The incredible vistas of the Mont Blanc range are spread out in front of you, and Sam's total mastery of the air and his canopy, (not to mention the FrEnglish language!) will ensure that you remember the sensation for ever!. You can also take day courses, or two days or even a week course (to enable you to fly solo), or just have Sam or one of his instructors fly you round the mountains for the afternoon in tandem.

If you are already qualified and have your own wing, our region is one of the Mecca's of Paragliding in France. There are many official take off and landing sites run by the local municipalities with help from the FFVL (Féderation Francaise de Vol Libre), from where you can take full advantage of the thermals, riding round the peaks of the massif. We can organise a tandem flight with Sam to introduce you to the unique topography and flying conditions of the area to enable you to fly to the best of your ability. Contact us for more details and we will work out a program for you

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