Snow Report St Gervais 13th January 2018

St Gervais snow report 13/01/2018

 season 2018

10/01/2018 Foehn wind on the Mont Blanc but terrific snow

What a great week we have had in St Gervais! While missing the massive dumps of wet heavy snow they got further south on the Italian border, we receive just the right quantity of fresh stuff to open up all the off- piste again, without the huge risk of avalanches that everywhere south of here suffered for several days. So when better weather and visibility returned on Tuesday 9th Jan, all the lifts were open for some fantastic skiing both on and off the piste. Even the lower slopes which got rained on to start with on Monday night were excellent. The almost total absence of people on the slopes coupled with some really nice weather, (albeit with foehn wind over the Mont Blanc) and super snow meant this was a fantastically good week to be in St Gervais!

 season 2018

Fabulous sunshine, good and cold and empty pistes- St Gervais Mont Blanc on 12th January!

And next week, what will that bring? After a beautiful sunny weekend, the clouds will start to move in on Monday evening, the wind will turn around to the North West and bring what could be a huge quantity of new snow over the course of the week. Coming from the North West, this snow should be pretty light and fluffy, exactly what January snow should be like! The visibility will probably not be great but we have lots of tree skiing around, so it should be another really good week. Oh, and don't go anywhere high! 'Tempétueux' winds will almost certainly mean a lot of lift closures, especially in Chamonix.

 season 2018

So get your fat skis down to St Gervais!! We've got two rooms available this coming week, and three for four nights as from Saturday 20th, so contact me now so you don't miss out!

Bon ski!


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