Final Snow Report St Gervais Season 2017 19th April

St Gervais snow report 19th April

 season 2017

Well, that's it for another season. Les Contamines finally shuts this coming Friday 21st April but there is not much left to ski on , despite some colder weather, (but very little snow) finally arriving. It's been a strange season, with very little snow at the start, then a few very good dumps but with nothing in between. There was not a huge amount of powder skiing over the winter, but some extremely good weeks all the same; and of course the spring snow for the last month of the season has been the best for years; in fact, we have been here 16 winter seasons, and I can't think of a year with better skiing conditions at the end.

So we now turn to our spring and summer seasons, specialising in walking, mountain biking and paragliding holidays. If you have never been here in the summer, it is definitely time you saw these majestic mountains in a totally different light, not to mention temperature!

Contact me now for more details about our Alpine summer

And of course, we are already looking forward to next winter's skiing season....!


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