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Chris takes an impressive tumble off the back of the Epaule!

15/12/2018 St Gervais and Les Contamines opened in advance. A fantastic start to the 2019 season!

WINTER SEASON 2017/ 2018

First tracks in good new snow 28th December 2017

Clearing snow from our drive , Sunday 10th December 2017. St Gervais has had excellent early snow, which bodes well for the skiing season.


A wet and windy day in St Gervais in September!


Preparation and take off for an excellent evening flight 26th May 2017


7th March 2017 brought 60 cms of fresh powder to St Gervais. It would have been criminal not to go out and ski it!


Our last flying afternoon of 2016 on 30th December. Almost no thermic activity but a great flight all the same!

A temperature inversion in the valley means we have to be patient and wait for the cloud to clear before taking off. 29th October 2016


After a very slow start to the season, the snow has been of exceptionally good quality ever since late January. Here Marie skis the whole of the Grande Epaule/Petite Epaule in one go on 21st March 2016


The absence of snow before Christmas, clearly visible on this video, coupled with the mild weather meant that we continued flying into late December. Much, much better that than sitting twiddling our thumbs worrying if it was ever going to snow again!!

The sublime autumn weather that November 2015 brought to the Alps was a real bonus for paragliders! A very settled air mass gave only a little thermic activity, but the colours and the light have made flying a real pleasure, especially so late in the year! This video was taken from a day spent flying at Samoens on 12th November; Xavier, with his sheepdog Etel on his lap, comes over to say hello.


Take a ride with Thi Thi on excellent spring snow 21st April 2015!

Good powder in St Gervais in early February 2015

Superb new snow two days before St Gervais closes on 12th April 2013

Excellent spring powder snow in St Gervais in March 2012

Good snow finally arrived in mid December 2011, just in time for the start of the season, and there was lots of it! This is a video of Jeremy following Gordon down through the St Gervais woods on 20th December 2011


A hike from Les Communailles up the Mont Geroux in St Gervais in May 2014. A lot of treacherous snow around near the top!


19th August 2012 was a very special day in the paragliding world- over 50 pilots landed on the summit of Mont Blanc!
These are two videos about that day:

This film from the summer of 2011 is about flying around the summit of Mont Blanc with a tandem paraglider